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  • Gulder Ultimate Search 8: Final Contest of the Champions!

    And here are our champions: Kelvin Durst, Promise Ojiegbe, Anastasia Azike, Anthony Igwe, Christopher Okagbue, Fejiro Ejogbamu, Tony Horfall, Sunday Gyang, Olanrewaju Alawoki and Patience Ihongbe! Patience Ihongbe, the Batch C contender, became the 10th and last qualifier to the Gulder Ultimate Search’s Contest of Champions after winning the task beating Geraldine Obi and Theodora Egbu […]

  • Gulder Ultimate Search 8: Batch C winners emerge

    The Batch C final three qualifiers for the Contest of Champions have emerged. They are Olanrewaju Alawoki, Fejiro Ejogbamu and Sunday Gyang. 21 year old Olanrewaju Alawoki won the final task. The task entailed all six contenders  going over a hurdle three times and smashing pots dangling from ropes, with batons, and then returning to the […]

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  • Gulder Ultimate Search 8: Batch C produces 1st evictee

    Batch B’s winners Christopher, Tony Horsefall and Anthony Igwe are getting a well-deserved rest in their homes. Meanwhile, a new set of contenders are battling it out in the Ososo forest. The 10 individuals in the new batch are Sunday Gyang, Lilian Ebhonhon, Egone Kesiena, Chimaobi Udodi, Efe Oniovosa, Fejiro Ejogbamu, Patience Ihongbe, Ezeoba Okoroafor, Olarewaju […]

  • GUS 8: Mary-Wealth and Kike evicted!

    Two contestants, Mary-Wealth and Kikelomo have just been evicted from the Gulder Ultimate Search reality show leaving six contestants to battle for the top three slots to qualify for the contest of champions. The challenge that sent the two ladies home was arduous.  The contenders were each required to put 15 oranges into basketball-like nets […]

  • Gulder Ultimate Search 8 (Round 2)

    The GUS 8 batch B contestants are already in the Ososo forest. It was a rainy welcome for them as they spent their first night in the jungle, drenched by a heavy downpour. The ten contestants in batch B are Anthony Igwe, Tony Horsfall, Sandra Iwu, Christopher Okagbue, Goodluck Ohio, Theodora Egbo, Kikelomo Ibitoye, Mary […]

  • Gulder Ultimate Search 8: 1st Batch qualifiers for Contest of the Champions

    Kelvin Durst, Anastasia Azike and Promise Ojiegbe have emerged  as the first set of contestants to qualify for the Gulder Ultimate Search  8 Final Showdown: ‘The Contest of Champions.’ This season, there are thirty contestants in three groups of ten each. Top three finalists in each group plus a comeback- evictee would then come together […]