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    A picture of a beautiful woman comforting a man

    10 Things Every Guy Must Do To Make A Woman Feel Better During Her Monthly Period

    Every month women has to undergo a body cycle called menstruation, a natural phenomenon that provides women important body chemicals called hormones, to keep their body healthy and prepares them for pregnancy. Most men didn’t know the hardship women had to go through during this period – both physically and emotionally. That’s why it’s extremely important to educate ourselves about […]

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  • salt

    7 Unbelievable Benefit Of Salt You Probably Didn’t Know

    Typically when you say household hacks, the most famous respond you will get are baking soda and vinegar. True, the combination of these two are simply amazing and effective and baking soda is an all-around product. Name it, for cooking, for cleaning, for beauty regimen, and for health care, baking soda sure finds a way to […]

  • sc

    Meme Edition: How it plays out everytime Niger Delta Avengers make a statement

    If you’ve been following statements credited to Niger Delta Avenger’s alleged spokespersons, you must be tired by now. One minute some person says he’s speaking for the group, the next morning some other spokesperson is calling him a fraud. Is there a genuine spokesperson out there? Well, till the next one speaks, here’s how I […]

  • praisethelord

    SHOCKING: Statue Of Christ Caught On Cam Eyes Blinking

    There have been many reported cases of religious statues performing miracles around the world. Some of them have been proven to be scams. However, there is one alleged miracle that has left paranormal investigators and believers baffled A Jesus Christ statue in Chapel of Saltillo located in Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico was caught on cam opening its […]

  • Sultan

    Video: Sound Sultan Releases New Single, African Lady

    Sound Sultan drops the visuals to his new single less than two days after the song hit the airwaves. In the song Sultan Sultan sings the praises of his love interest, the African Lady. Produced by TyMix, the song has an eastern flavour (pun intended). And the featured artist are a perfect fit on the […]

  • Save-Mayowa-300x200@2x

    Linda Ikeji Apologises and says SaveMayowa Campaign was not a Scam

    Linda Ikeji clears the air on #SaveMayowa saying the campaign was genuine. The blogger put forward the part she played in publishing a story that the quest of raise money for cancer patient, Mayowa Ahmed, was a scam. Linda ran a story with claims that Mayowa’s family was using the cancer patient as a front […]

  • rugged

    Ruggedman Features 9ice on New Single, Religion

    Ruggedman releases a new single, Religion. In his bid to make a comeback into the music scene, Ruggedman features 9ice on this track. The song alludes to their previous collaboration, Opomulero, as a prophecy of the current state of the industry. And their six year beef is over.