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    22 Style Tips For Men

    It can seem like there’s a lot to know about good style, and there is, at least if you want to be enrolled in its master class. But looking sharper than 99% of other guys is actually fairly simple and merely requires knowing and doing little stuff right. The kind of stuff that can be […]

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    49 Best Fashion Tips: The Only Style Advice You’ll Ever Need

    With a whole new year upon us, many will be thinking about how to revamp their wardrobe or look throughout 2017. But with so many bits of advice floating around the Internet, it can be hard to figure out what tips to focus on. Should you follow the trends or define your own sense of […]

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    Five Times Jidenna Redefined Ankara Fabrics

    Elegance and eloquence don’t say enough in defining Nigerian-American Hip-Hop artist, Jidenna. We take a look at five different times the classic man re-purposed the Ankara fabric and pulled it off quite well. Here you have it: 1. Waist coat and pants A photo posted by Jidenna (@jidenna) on Aug 25, 2016 at 11:35pm PDT […]

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    Fashion is Art and You Are the Canvas

    How do you see fashion? Is it something for the centrefold models in a glossy magazine? Or something you aspire to but is unattainable? For most of us, we acquire our tastes from what we feed off the media. Going with the times and not having to curate out taste. It’s easier- ctrl C, ctrl […]

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    The Colour You Wear Defines You

    I don’t do fashion. I am fashion – Coco Chanel Your style defines you. It’s easy to dismiss the idea of having a personal style. You may consider looking clean or looking the part as good enough. Is it? A while back, I attended a friend’s church. I walked in and made a decision that […]

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    Let that Dress Live

    Walk like you have three men walking behind you — Oscar de la Renta Maybe someone should tell Oscar that this is Lagos. Where if you have one unfamiliar man behind you you start looking over your shoulders. That’s what Lagos has taught me. But I know what Oscar means. He may have had an image of […]

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    How to Pronounce Designer Names

    Pronouncing designer names can be a bit tricky. So I’ve put together a list of the some common one’s and others you’ll come across at some point. A simple example is Balmain- where what you see, in terms of pronunciation, isn’t what you get. The correct pronunciation is Bahl-mah. So, dive in and save yourself […]

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    What Your Shoes Say About You

    Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world – Marilyn Monroe. I read that as, the rights shoes open doors. I went for an event a while back and I got introduced to one of the organizers. The man took my hand and looked at my shoes. That was the most […]