BBA Update: DKB slaps Zainab [video included]

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DKB one of the two Ghanaian housemates left in the big brother StarGame have been disqualified from StarGame for contravening the violence rule.

The Ghanaian shocked the world when he gave Zainab (The Sierra Leonean model) a hot slap on the face for peeping whiles he was in the bath.

DKB who is noted for his comedy completely lost his cool when Zainab opened the bathroom door whiles he (DKB) was in there.

DKB confronted Zainab to register his displeasure about her attitude but the two could not find a level ground which resulted in the exchange of words.

In the process, DKB who was already angered by Zainab’s attitude warned her not to repeat such actions or he would slap her.

Zainab who was defensive could not help with her usual use of swear words which infuriated the Ghanaian brother.

Was DKB supposed to react in such way?

View video below:

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