Gulder Ultimate Search 8: Batch C winners emerge

The final task

The Batch C final three qualifiers for the Contest of Champions have emerged. They are Olanrewaju Alawoki, Fejiro Ejogbamu and Sunday Gyang.

21 year old Olanrewaju Alawoki won the final task. The task entailed all six contenders  going over a hurdle three times and smashing pots dangling from ropes, with batons, and then returning to the starting point. During each of the trips, they would have to recover a key hidden in the pots. The keys, three in all, would unlock three boxes, one for each of the contenders. Inside the boxes were parts of puzzles which they were required to solve. The first three persons to complete the task automatically qualified for the Contest of Champions, while the last two lost out.

Contenders in action

Fejiro, who was the last to find his key, finished second after Olanrewaju. It became a straight battle between Sunday Gyang, Kessiena Egone and Efe Oniovosa for the last slot. Sunday managed to solve the puzzle in his second attempt, fending off the challenge of the two others. For his effort, Olanrewaju was awarded the leopard sash of the great King Aska, in addition to qualifying for the next round.

Now, the nine automatic spots for the Contest of Champions have been filled. Olanrewaju, Fejiro and Sunday will join Kelvin Durst, Promise Ojiegbe and Anastasia Azike from Batch A, as well as Tony Igwe, Tony Horsfall and Christopher Okagbue from Batch B in the Contest of Champions.

The 10th spot will be determined after the audience votes back in one of the evicted contenders from Batch C. The contender will then square off against Geraldine Obi and Theodora Egbo who were both voted back in from Batches A and B respectively. The winner of this last contest will join nine already qualified contestants in the Contest of Champions.

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